Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Three Destructive Behavior Relations

Your relationship and your partner grew away? Perhaps the attitude is you who causes us pain. Here are some attitudes that should be avoided in a loving relationship, as quoted from Sheknows.

1. Reticence
When disappointed, you are silent. When angry, you are silent. When there is a prop, you choose silence rather than tell or explain to the couple. This reticence will never make things better. You and your partner communication is closed, and on the other hand, the couple also could never understand your feelings.

Instead of silence, try to speak from heart to heart. Explain what you honestly feel. Give your spouse the opportunity to understand further. Remember, communication is the early cessation of the destruction of a relationship.

2. Attitudes to guess (as if he knew)
If there is an odd behavior from your partner, do you do in fact second-guessing and prejudiced. Fatal, prejudices that you have is prejudice. You also become upset and angry at your partner, for no apparent reason. not rare in this state, the pair also will turn angry at you because they feel judged for no apparent reason.

If you do not want the situation above happens, then you should start asking. No harm in asking the couple about the attitude of odd to you. Possibly, he has a logical reason and acceptable.

3. Holding anger
Holding anger will only be a time bomb in a relationship. When anger is mounting, and no longer restrained, the relationship was in the position of the most dangerous. Which will be visible only fault pairs, and all the positive side to closed.

Rather than hold the anger, better to channel your anger and your disappointment in a positive nature conversation and build relationships. Any problem if communicated properly, there must be a way out.

Happy happy.

Source : yahoo.com


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