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10 Excess Indigo Children

The presence of Indigo people on earth believed since the first humans appeared this means all the human descendants of the Indigo. In the early days of prehistoric human life rely on the existing capabilities in him to face the violence of nature. Because science and technology has not been growing rapidly as now, the only way to defend themselves to sustain life on earth is to use optimally all the existing members of the body.

The weakest part of the human body but has the greatest control is the brain power. Flaccid organ that must be protected hard skull bone is a central command, control, and regulating the whole body organs and other cells triliyunan (about 100 trillion cells that make up the human body).

Lack of equipment at that time to force people to think using his brain to penetrate natural barriers. In addition to creating a very simple equipment like a stone lighter, weapons of stone, animal traps, clothing from the hairy skin of animals, and so forth, men also develop the ability of body organs, especially the five senses.

Strength power sensor senses naturally increase as needed, for example eye to see animals that are in places far away, ears to listen to the voice of dangerous wild animals at night, smell to sniff the smell of water in the desert and others. Increasing the power sensor senses the power is held constant because it is often used, and when one reaches a certain peak condition abilities can be quite astonishing.

Sensing with the brain
The process of sensing with sensory equipment is an activity sensor information by using the tools. Level power tools, such as eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin which is often called the five senses sensory critical to the outcome achieved. Tools weak or damaged senses can not produce good sensory processes. So is your level of central nervous system with the ends of nerves in determining the delivery of static electric signals from the instrument senses to the brain.

In the indigo function tool senses reduced and instead use direct sensing by the brain with sensory task aided by the nerve endings in the outer edge of the brain. Nerve endings of this brain waves emitted directly catch that came to him and sent it into electrical signals to be processed in the brain.

Brain wave
In the normal brain activity using energy from the body which is then converted into electrical energy. Voltage needed by the brain to work only 1 / 10 volt. With these electric signals the brain to work to receive, process and communicate information. All this brain activity takes place in cells whose numbers 1 trillion, 100 billion and 900 billion active cells cells liaison.

In conducting its activities emit brain waves called brain waves. These brain waves are distinguished by frequency, namely Gamma (16-100 Hz frequency), Beta (12-19 Hz), Alpha (8-12 Hz), Theta (4-8 Hz), Delta (0.5 to 4 Hz) and the latter was found by Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D. C., B.F.A. , From Neuroacoustic research, that there was still brain waves with frequencies below the delta, or below 0.5 hz, ie Epsilon wave. All the waves were propagating in air with the speed of light at 299,792.46 miles per second.

These brain waves picked up by sensors in the brain of Indigo as carriers of information and re-emitted as a form of delivery of information or commands. Very low-frequency brain waves, making it easy reflected by obstructions, such as dust particles and will be spread so easily collected. Indigo Most people's brains work in waves with very low frequencies (Alpha down).

Capabilities that are not common and these strange often linked with the mystical. Yet this ability of pure excess power from the human brain works in general, to be able to connect with higher dimensions.
1. Telepathy
Telepathy is the ability to read minds and feelings of humans or other creatures often associated with the third eye chakra chakra is a kind of black hole (black hole) in our souls whose position is located in front of the head (forehead). Six ability after it also relies on the power of the third chakra.
Third eye on our bodies is located in the forebrain. The physical form of the nerve endings in the skin outside the brain that acts as a sensor wave coming.
Every time people think and beremosi then the brain will emit waves. These low-frequency waves spread and bounce back and forth with the speed of light then diindra by sensors in the brain of indigo and processed in the brain to be converted into a picture.
The ability to read thoughts and feelings catch waves Indigo is owned almost everyone, including Indigo children are still infants. While the ability to communicate remotely send the waves are only possessed by certain Indigo.

2. Klervoyans
The ability to see events taking place elsewhere. Just as thoughts and feelings that emit waves, every event in nature also emit waves. Waves are emitted by every creature involved in the incident, even though inanimate objects emit a wave of motion of electrons in atomic and molecular vibration. This capability includes the ability to see objects that are hidden or are in an enclosed place.

3. Prekognision
This is related to the ability to predict and create events that will happen. Predicting events of meaning describe an event that will happen while making the event meant to set events that will happen in the future. The ability to establish a future event, including a rare ability difficult Indigo is owned by people in general.
Prediction obtained in 2 ways, namely by looking directly ongoing events in the future or read the data and concluded that there is in the present and concluded a most likely will happen in the future.
The first way is done by way of wandering in the dimension of time. The secret lies in the strange nature of time dimension. Dimensional linear time is not shaped like the dimensions of space, but berbentukl spiral with the direction of rotation into the dimensions of space. You imagine rotating spiral staircase inside a building.
Because the direction of spiral rotation leads to a time dimension in dimensional space, then the wave beam emitted by an event in the past or the future does not come from outside the body but of the body. Although the coming wave of effort is needed in the body harder catch this wave because of the nature of time dimension that can expand and narrow infinite (not finite). This is called the dimension of time wandering.
But in the time dimension there is a shortcut, namely the existence of cosmic strings which is located to cut the spiral of time. You imagine an elevator that cuts perpendicular to the direction of rotation had a spiral staircase. Travel by using the elevator definitely faster than walking down the date of spin.
In practice of wandering in the dimension of time for an Indigo enough with concentration and envision a time (year, month, date, or hour) the picture can be given a calendar and a clock, and saw what happened at that time. It will be easier if there are people / witnesses are known to be involved in the incident.

4. Retrokognision
Associated with the ability to view and create events in the past. What is meant by the ability to create events is set an event in the past and was influential to the present. It is also associated with the spiral dimension of time. This capability is very rarely owned by the Indigo because rarely used.
Commonly done by those Indigo is to see events in the past to describe a situation that is in the present. Usually sought is the causes of an event, who are the people involved and how the process of occurrence.

5. Mediumship
Indigo People have the ability to use his soul and the spirit of man or other creatures as a medium. Indigo people are able to communicate with the spirit to dig up information.
Spirit energy is a clot that structured life (body, head and limbs ruh). Spirit store memories as well as the human body with his brain. Memories are recorded by the spirit comes from the knowledge base that is idealistic (derived from the source) and pre-existing and experience realistic results for a life journey with the body.
Seeing beings and communicate with other creatures that are not visible but are in our dimension is included in this capability.

6. Psychometric
Meaningful ability to gather information and communicate dengani any object. This is possible because each object containing an array of atoms forming the molecule. Molecules in solid, liquid gas or vibrate and generate vibration waves. Molecules and atoms that can also save a recording of an event. These recordings can be extracted and read.

7. Hypnotic suggestion
Indigo People who do not learn hypnosis can be hypnotized with the ability telepatinya. Although sugestinya slow process but is permanent and can be inherited. Examples are the result of hypnotic suggestion that Indigo people do like the Apostles, Prophets, saints and other holy men. Their influence is still a trace until now.

8. Analytic
Intelligence (IQ) Indigo average person over 120. Excess of ordinary people is the ability to analyze data quickly, widely and continuously. The data are scattered and random will be collected and linked to each other quickly. A conclusion or answer to a question or problem can be obtained by an Indigo in just a few seconds, mainly related to the analysis of natural events. This possibility relates to the capacity and capability in the brain that processes greater than the common people.

9. Telekinetik
Telekinetik means to move objects from a distance. In general, strongly associated with telepathic abilities, such as hypnotic suggestion. Changing the behavior of others by altering the genetic makeup of the DNA spiral and move the cells, glands or organs in the body's metabolic system. The ability to move objects with large masses do not generally owned by people Indigo.

10.Komunikasi with God
This ability is related to the crown chakra at the top of the head which is the door of communication between man and God. This chakra is purple Indigo in people who are very strong, especially in times of connection with The Source. Relationship with sacred beings such as angels and other higher dimension, also occur in this chakra.

10 This unusual ability is not all owned by everyone Indigo. However, if the continued training of all abilities will be held because basically it is already there in every Indigo. For people who are not Indigo capabilities can also be obtained by rigorous training and discipline, but often the obstacles are too great.

These skills do not necessarily make people act without restraint Indigo and commit crimes against other creatures. Remember the following phrase: The power of more demanding more responsibility as well. Greetings of peace.

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