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Bask 15 minutes in the morning will give so many benefits for babies

Newborns generally have a tendency to yellow because his organs were not functioning perfectly in processing bilirubin. This is called physiological yellow. Well, the morning sun has a blue light spectrum that are useful to reduce levels of bilirubin in the blood.

Usability Next morning sun is warm the baby's body while helping to remove the mucus from her throat. As a result, voice-ngrok ngrok babies breath, especially the talented allergies, can be reduced. Especially if he is dried in a supine position, the baby's chest, from the bottom to the neck, patted it gently.

Do not forget, the morning sunlight also stimulates the formation of vitamin D in the body. This vitamin is known to function as an opener to be easily absorbed calcium into the blood stream, until finally united in the bone. Exposure to the required need not long, just about 15 minutes in the morning.

Notice Time
To gain the maximum benefit and avoid the baby from the unwanted effects there are 9 signs that should be observed when drying baby. What is it?

1. Choose the right time
The best time for drying the baby is between the hours of 07:00 to 8:00 a.m. the morning for about 15 minutes. Do not be too long because the baby's skin is sensitive and Do not hang your child over at 08.00. Exposure to the sun before the noon-containing A and B ultraviolet rays that can damage the membrane of the skin, causing redness and burning and damage mechanisms of cell regeneration.

2. Not wearing
That way not only the chest are exposed to the sun, but also the back. O, yes, pay attention to the eyes. Keep your little eyes back to the sun exposure to avoid the risk of damage to the lens and retina of the eye.

3. Choose a location that is not too open
Location does not have to hang in the open air with exposure to direct sunlight. The place is somewhat protected but can be broken into the sunshine, have also qualified really. When the weather is windy, jemurlah child in the room (mirror). Origin clear glass, the baby can still enjoy the sun rays warm enough.

4. No age limit
Given so many benefits, there is no age limit for drying the baby in the morning. Generally, newborns to age 1 week routinely dried in order to prevent / reduce the high levels of bilirubin. However, if after that it continues to dry habit also will not hurt. Sunlight stimulates the production of vitamin D is beneficial for bone formation. Just so you know, bone formation will continue until the age of 20 years.

5. Beware if your baby is sensitive
Photosensitive Babies should not be exposed to the sun because their skin is very sensitive. Will only lead to dry patches on the skin Meral.

6. Premature babies should not be dried in the sun
Premature infants are advised not to sun, especially in the first weeks of his birth. At that time the infants were born preterm was still requires a stable temperature. Meanwhile, when dried, is should be able to adjust his body to the outside temperature. This could jeopardize his safety.

7. Never leave your baby alone when dried
Avoid leaving the baby alone when dried. Take advantage of this moment to do some useful activities. For instance, do the baby massage. Use baby oil when massaging. This oil can also simultaneously protect the skin from drying when dried in the sun.
Even if the baby massage is not possible, invite your child to talk (Do not forget to make eye contact with him). Sure is not yet understood conversation with you but sebaaknya communication like this will make the relationship between you and your child more closely. Oh, yes and talk, give is a gentle caress. Although this movement is so simple yet profound benefits that can form a sense of security in the baby that will affect his confidence in the future.

8. Clean up can be more detailed
Drying the baby's schedule is generally done before a bath. Use of this moment untul perform clean-up activities with more detail. For example by cleaning the baby's body parts that are often overlooked-like folds around the ears, thighs and hands the baby-with cotton soaked in baby oil. After the manure is raised, the baby can be bathed.

9. Beware hipertemi
When exposure to the sun so scorching, reduce time to dry. If over time the baby is feared having Hipertermi (increased body temperature). Baby ideal temperature between 36.5 ° -37.5 ° C. Conditions Hipertermi risk of causing interference with the body's metabolic functions baby, brain and other organ functions. 

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