Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5 tips for healthy sleep 7 hours

We all know too little sleep is not good. But what is enough? Scientists at the University of West Virginia have concluded that after careful examination seven hours sleep per night is the healthiest.

Enjoy in moderation but sleep
The U.S. study found that people who sleep less than five hours a night, an increased risk of angina and heart disease. But they also found that sleeping too much is unhealthy. Every hour more sleep than the Seven Blessed, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Adults under sixty years that less than five hours sleep a night at the greatest risk. They had a three times higher risk of heart failure than people who averaged seven hours sleep.

It does not exclude or seven hours at a time is achieved. So middagtukjes are allowed. But like all good things in life is the case: enjoy, but sleep in moderation.

If you are unable to properly get to sleep? hetkanWel gives 5 tips for a good night's sleep:

1) Fixed ritual
Make sure you have a ritual before going to bed, so your body into going to sleep can work. Think of it as a warming up before bed. Like Pavlov's dog began to salivate as soon as he was eating, so you can train your body to smell the pillow. Your biological clock ticks after all the best on a fixed schedule.

2) Dare to dream
It might sound obvious, but it really works. If you commit yourself to something nice to think - not how you get money to pay your mortgage! - Can you escape reality and fall asleep. Think of that world that you want to make the wedding you could ever want to give or imaginary line on the circuit of Zandvoort.

3) Look something sufs

You are one who must watch television before going to sleep, though that seems unhealthy? Look something you've already seen 100 times, but always fun. Friends of another example, a comedy. Because you already know, you do not have to force yourself to stay awake to see it end. Put your TV on the timer and get the morning waking up refreshed.

4) Reduce your
You are very stressed or raised and are you sure that you bring that feeling to go to bed? You respond before going to bed down on something else. Throw all the cushions of the couch and jump on it. Tear apart old magazines or newspapers or have accidentally instant smash your wine glass. Fear being seen by the neighbors do not: just connect the curtains.

5) Stop counting sheep! Sex works!
And last but not least: there is no better method than sex entertainment. So seduce your partner with a wonderful massage and you sleep like a log guaranteed. Sex is the best sedative.

Source : google.com 


These tips look really helpful. I've such a hard work routine, will definitely try these to get some proper sleep.

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