Eight Easy Ways to Exercise at Home

Messy, busy, and a myriad of other reasons may arise for sports affairs. Especially if it is asked of the young mothers who still have young childrene

Healthy lifestyle every day

Currently for a healthy life is a difficult thing again. Whether it's because of the climate, radiation or a solid job. This leads people to live better longer. Generally for the urban community to live better without pnyakit is a difficult thing again. Although we maintain the health of the sport, but the urban air can be the cause of the disease. Not only that, it turns out that there are snacks on the streets can also be a cause of disease

For the Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is the intake that can be consumed by children to adults including the fetus was still inside his mothers womb.

Natural Face Mask from Fruits

Fruits can be used turned out to be cosmetic. One of them is made masks. Nothing wrong to try to mask these fruits

6 Benefit Breakfast for Kids

Parents should know that breakfast is very important for growing children. Benefit breakfast for the child can not be replaced by eating during the day even at night. Why?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tips for a summer of Healthy Cookouts

If you have type 2 diabetes it will mean that there are some restrictions on your diet. This does not mean though, that you still can’t enjoy socializing with food. Now that the summer is here you might be considering a cookout. There is no reason why you can’t enjoy your diabetes meal plans in the great outdoors just like everyone else. It is important though, to stick to food that is not only healthy, but also that won’t put blood sugar levels at an unacceptably high level.

Nearly everyone knows about the dietary risks of summertime cookouts; the menu tends to be loaded with items that are high in fat, high in calories, and full of grease. # However, there are healthy low fat salad recipes alternatives that you can include in your next cookout to ensure that your menu stays tasty, but won't ruin your dietary goals. Here are some healthy food choices to add to your next cookout:

Grill Veggies

Cut veggies, such as peppers and onions, to roughly the diameter of a silver dollar. Dust them with a light layer of extra virgin olive oil and season to taste.

Wrap the veggies tinfoil and throw the package on a grill. Cook the veggies alongside your hotdogs and hamburgers for about 20 minutes, or until the veggies are tender and hot.

Mayo-free Potato Salad

Not all potato salads require mayonnaise. In fact, without the mayo, potato salads can be quite healthy and incorporate not only a healthy dose of carbohydrates, but also onions, celery, oils, and dairy. Check online for mayo-free potato salad recipes that suit your taste buds.

Full-Fruit Popsicles or Ices

Instead of offering ice cream or another high fat, high sugar dessert, plan low fat desserts ahead and make your own full-fruit popsicles or ices. Simply freeze any flavor of 100% fruit juice in an appropriately sized and shaped container, add small fruit chunks, and serve. You can find Popsicle trays in just about any grocery store. Always prefer to use sugar free candies and deserts in summer.

Limit the Alcohol

Most people enjoy having a summertime beverage, such as a margarita, daiquiri, or even a simple beer during a cookout. However, many fancy drinks are loaded with sugar that is not healthy for Diabetics. While a splurge may not hurt every now and then (as long as you monitor your blood sugar level), it is always a good idea to have low-sugar alternatives or sugarfree desserts. One of the best low-sugar alcohol beverages is rum and diet coke.

The Right Melons

Watermelons are classic cookout favorites. However, watermelons are notorious for having loads of sugar and calories in them. In fact, one slice can pack as much as 80 calories. Instead of serving watermelon wedges at your next cookout, opt instead for honeydew or cantaloupe. You'll still enjoy a flavorful slice, but you'll only get about half the calories and sugar .

When going to sleep always prefer to check your blood sugar levels by glucose monitoring system! 

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How to Cure Ulcers Naturally

How to Cure Ulcers Naturally
Photo Credit Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images


Ulcers are open sores or tears that appear in the lining of internal organs, most commonly found in the stomach or intestines, but can be found in the esophagus as well. Peptic ulcers are open sores that start off as sore spots, then become reddened and inflamed, eventually breaking the surface of lining or skin. Ulcers that appear in the stomach are called gastric ulcers, the most common. Find relief and cure for a peptic ulcer by taking steps at home to heal and soothe the spot, and to avoid further irritation.

Step 1

Avoid drinking alcohol, as this irritates reddened, inflamed and open tissues and sores, much like pouring alcohol on an open cut on the skin. Alcohol also irritates the lining of the stomach and intestines and can cause not only inflammation but also bleeding. Avoid smoking, which increases stomach acids, which in turn irritate the stomach lining. Don't take NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) pain relievers, but stick to acetaminophen, and avoid spicy or fatty foods that contribute to irritation, inflammation and pain.

Step 2

Use home remedies to help sooth pain, relieve inflammation and heal the ulcer. Determine if you have too much or too little stomach acid. Ingest 1 tbsp. of lemon juice. If your pain goes away, you have lower amounts of stomach acid. But if the pain grows momentarily worse, you have too much stomach acid, which leads to irritation and pain. Neutralize excess stomach acid by mixing 1 tsp. baking soda with 8 oz. of water to drink. This is a generations-old remedy for not only relieving the pain and burning of an ulcer, but also for treating upset stomach and indigestion.

Step 3

Avoid fried and greasy foods, as well as carbonated sodas, which all irritate the ulcer. Promote healing by eating small portions of easily digestible foods during flare-ups, such as vegetables, hot cereals, plain mashed or baked potatoes, yogurt, cream-based or broth-based soups, skinless chicken or turkey and custards or puddings.

Step 4

Purchase licorice root, which has been used for generations to treat both duodenal and gastric ulcers, while yarrow and white oak bark are effective in reducing irritation and inflammation caused by ulcers. Marshmallow root and slippery elm are known to offer soothing effects to membrane linings of the stomach and intestinal tract. Read the directions on the bottles of such remedies, which are found at your local health-food store. Or follow instructions in medical folklore books for brewing teas or ingesting such herbs.

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Eight Easy Ways to Exercise at Home

Messy, busy, and a myriad of other reasons may arise for sports affairs. Especially if it is asked of the young mothers who still have young children. "Taking care of home 'it is also arguably the sport. Tired too, you know! "So usually the defense that they launched. A little research conducted in the United States also supports this trend. Revealed that women with small children prefer to eat mostly processed rather than the body. Plus they often become 'trash' who were forced to spend the leftover food because kids feel affection when discarded.Consequently, the more calories pile up and gain weight.

It is true that a never-ending chore that almost always led to feeling tired.
 However, not necessarily sports can also be fully spelled out, especially if the work was not done alone. Certainly not a few young mothers in Jakarta and other big cities that give most of household duties to assistant / housekeeper.

Actually not that hard to activities that can burn calories at home. The time required is also not to disrupt other tasks, most only 20-30 minutes. Even if can not spend any time at all, the activities with your baby and various other daily activities can be used as a means to burn calories and get a healthier body.

Eight kinds of the following activities can be easy and inexpensive way to keep your exercise routine can, though only in the house.

 Walking back and forth
You can move the groceries from the trunk of a car into the house, or transport the clothes from the machine cucui to the clothesline, not in one go, but bit by bit, forcing you to go back and forth. Paced walk can also be done while the line. If you are phoning a friend or friends, when the children had left for school and husband to the office, it usually takes many hours. Use it all for exercise.

Research conducted Syracuse University, reported in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise revealed that walking 1,600 meters in women can burn about 74 calories. Not bad, right?

 Stairs rise
If there are stairs in the house, this is an effective tool to burn calories. If there is any spare time or need to use a ladder, try to climb down the ladder one rung at a time of two steps. Be careful not to slip and fall.

According Everyday Health sites, events up and down stairs can burn about 300 calories if done for 30 minutes.

 Playing with the children in the yard
Instead of letting the children stay in front of the television or playing video games, invite them to enjoy a sunny afternoon outside the house or playing hide and seek in the house. According to a study conducted at Harvard Medical School, playing with children is quite effective for burning calories. Approximately 149 calories can be burned by playing with your baby for 30 minutes.

 Invite your child walk
If your child is still small, you can hold or push the stroller while traveling around your house. Pushing the stroller for an hour can burn about 150 calories for someone weighing around 65 kg. While holding the little ones can burn up to 210 calories.

 Accompany the child to swim
If your house has a swimming pool, it would not hurt if you occasionally enjoy the excitement with your child and accompany them to swim. Since the water provides natural resistance, then the movement in the water will be more challenging your body and burn more calories. Swim for 30 minutes can burn about 400 calories.

 More often cooking
Prepare food whenever it was time to eat requires more energy than the live heats in the microwave. In addition to the body is more active, more families are also happy and healthy with fresh processed treats every meal. Do not forget to stop by ResepRecipe.Com ya if need recipes that top:)

This exercise can be done anytime when you have free time. You also can invite the kids to race push-ups. In an atmosphere of fun, of course you could also do without feeling forced.

 Jump rope
Though this body could also be interesting activities for children. Jump rope can be done in the garage, family room, on the front porch, backyard, or wherever sufficient space origin. This exercise is good for maintaining cardiovascular health and muscle building.

The number of calories burned varies depending on the size of the rope and weight. Generally, jump rope for 15 minutes at a moderate pace can burn about 200 calories and if done for 10 minutes can burn about 121 calories.

source : flixya.com

Examples of Foods For Pregnant Women

Examples of Foods For Pregnant Women can be consumed either of the fruit - fruit is also required and is known for young pregnant women, many taboos for pregnant mothers where the little block to the improvement of nutrition in pregnancy, well maybe this simple information about Maternal diet will help a little you can know for nutrient content contained on a special diet of pregnant women under this later, for those who have abstinence during pregnancy should not eat foods that are supporting abstinence, it helps if you understand and know what the hell have food samples nutritious food for pregnant mothers.

The following are some examples that need to be known for nutritious foods for pregnant women pregnant mother's diet
  1. At the most basic level should be filled with the intake of rice, bread, cereals, and so on. Carbohydrates are needed for the body's main energy. Similarly, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Presentation of the recommended amount is 6-7 times of rice and other alternatives in a day.
  2. Fruits and vegetables are the second food group. Source of vitamins and minerals to help digestion. Presentation of the recommended amount is 2 times the fruit and vegetables 2-3 times a day.
  3. Meat, fish, eggs, milk, tofu, and other side dishes came third from bottom. Some sources are high in fat and cholesterol, so it should not be consumed excessively. This species is a major source of protein and iron. Presentation of the recommended amount is 2 times + 2 servings of milk or foods high in calcium.
  4. The peak of the pyramid is occupied by food oils, fats, sugar, and salt. Should be consumed in small amounts, only as a flavor enhancer in foods.
Well for those of you pregnant women either pregnant or during pregnancy young fill  nutritional goodness of food above and once attempted to eat the food for pregnant women, the tips on healthy living is needed for your pregnancy so that the baby and mother remain in a state of healthy and fit during pregnancy.
source : flixya.com

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How To Improve Memory

Be thankful if you are a person who has a memory "super" means more quickly understand and can remember in a long enough period of time. And for those of you who have a memory with a mediocre quality like me do not be too sad because eMingko Blog has some tips on how to improve memory, just let's discuss.
Physical & Psychological Conditions
The first is called of course it is the most important, fit physical condition will make it easier for us to accept that input to the memory storage process becomes easier. So also with psychological conditions, in conditions of stress we would be very difficult to process the input.

Nutrients like fuel and the body is the engine, how the engine running if the fuel does not exist. Protein and omega 3 is very good for improving memory, protein is the main substance needed by the body, while omega-3 is a substance that is needed for brain development.

Panca Indra
To accelerate and improve memory multiple senses should be used. Like when receiving the subject matter while at school / college, we pay attention to the eyes, ears to listen, then say it and hand write. The point see, read, listen, write will make the process run better recall compared to just write it.

We can not do [remember] more than one activity simultaneously and hope all works well, demonstrated just listen to the song while watching tv we would have to ignore one of them to be better focused with one activity for better results.

This one's for sure, we imagine disuruhh memorize the book and read it in a football stadium when a game packed with noise. A conducive environment makes it easier to process the input to be remembered.
Here are some tips on how to improve memory, may be useful

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The difference is less blood with low blood

Anemia and low blood are two terms at a glance seem to have the same sense it is not. Sometimes many are still confused or think less blood and low blood are the same. So this time we will discuss about the lack of blood and low blood.

- Anemia
Less blood is the term of the shortage of red blood cells stau Hb [hemoglobin] is often called anemia. The cause quite a lot, ranging from blood cell disorders, iron deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency may also be due to impaired absorption of nutrients in the intestine. To overcome the lack darahbisa by consuming foods with high iron [kale, spinach] and red meat.
- Low Blood
Termed low blood for low blood pressure or hypotension. Causes of low blood pressure one of them is the declining physical condition, lack of red blood cells and the lack of activity. To cope with low blood pressure can consume red meat, dairy and exercise regularly.

source : flixya

Healthy lifestyle every day

Currently for a healthy life is a difficult thing again. Whether it's because of the climate, radiation or a solid job. This leads people to live better longer. Generally for the urban community to live better without pnyakit is a difficult thing again. Although we maintain the health of the sport, but the urban air can be the cause of the disease. Not only that, it turns out that there are snacks on the streets can also be a cause of disease.

-  Avoid bad habits
Unfavorable habits can cause us disease. Such as smoking, alcohol (liquor), drugs, etc.. This can lead to disease easily attack us. Not only that, we also could be affected as others like senile easy, lazy, grumpy, etc.. For that try to avoid habits that dumb.

-  Avoid casual sex
Part of sex is good for people. But it would be honorable and terpujinya if sex is done responsibly and with the blessing of many people. Most sex is trivialized for couples who are used to do it or for people who are easily aroused without a strong faith.

-  Jelly-jelly choose food
Comfort food is not necessarily healthy. Many foods and drinks are dangerous and unhealthy if consumed. Examples include the use of borax and formaldehyde as a preservative of food and drinks that should digonakan to preserve the corpse / corpse / carcass. Buy food and beverages where it can be assured of cleanliness / hygiene of food drink. Be careful and always alert terhada whatever will we put in our mouth because it could have a drink or food that we buy and ready to eat has been mixed with hazardous toxic substances like arsenic, barbiturates, seangga poison, rat poison, pengewet not for food and beverages, and so forth. See also the cleanliness of the place as well as processing and selection of raw materials food / beverage.

-  Maintain cleanliness and regular exercise
Own personal hygiene should be noted and well guarded because it is associated / linked closely with how we look at the general public. Avoid exchanging toiletries, primp, health, personal clothing with other people as possible can transmit dangerous diseases. Get regular exercise can stimulate the heart, breathing and blood circulation becomes better. Get used to exercise every day with a light activity such as walking, gymnastics, fitness, jogging, biking, or exercise full like play badminton, soccer, marathon running, tennis, basketball, and others.

source : flixya

TIPS: 4 healthy to old tricks

Having a healthy body and skin, and ageless, is not enough just to drink health supplements or beauty products to use. You also need to implement a healthy lifestyle in everyday life.

In addition to the intake of foods rich in nutrients, there are four habits that you must do regularly, if you want to get the body healthy until old age. This is her tips, as quoted from Glamour.

1. Avoid stress
Stress triggers the adrenaline, a hormone that causes the reaction increased heart rate, sweating and shock. Three of this reaction will divert blood flow to the muscles, so far from the skin so the face looks pale. Under conditions of stress are acute, facial muscles will tighten and cause the onset of fine lines. Stress can also weaken the body's immune system, which mengakibatnya body easily hurt and cause the skin more vulnerable to pollutants and extreme weather.
Try to keep the balance of the body. Ranging from food intake to maintain healthy, balanced between work and leisure, and joined the practice of yoga to body and soul healthy and calm.

2. Do not exercise too hard
Regular exercise can increase the body's ability to receive a supply of oxygen and nutrients and remove toxins in the body. The result, the body becomes healthy and beautiful skin looked flushed. But if exercise is done excessively or too hard, will add to stress levels, causing hormonal imbalance and dehydration.
Do exercise fairly, at least three times a week with a balanced workout. Combine several types of exercise such as cardio, weightlifting, yoga or pilates. Combining three or four types of exercise will give you more optimal results for the entire body.

3. Avoid excessive sugar consumption
Eating foods that contain lots of sugar will damage the collagen and neutralizing anti-oxidants in the body. As a result, the skin will look older because of anti-oxidants are no longer able to fight free radicals that damage the skin and body cells. Remember, sugar is not only found in sweet foods such as chocolate or candy. But also on bread or white rice. In order for the health of the body is awake and stay young, consume sugars and complex carbohydrates contained in brown rice, whole grain breads and fruits.

4. Enough sleep
When you're asleep, your body will produce hormones that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Makes the skin look young and healthy, and maintain a healthy body. Lack of sleep will cause eye bags, dark circles under the eyes, skin dull and listless body. Sleep at least seven or eight hours a day.

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Recognize the 10 migraine triggers

Following this, iVillage provides 10 steps to recognize the things that can cause migraines.1. Food
Food below could be a migraine trigger, so it is important to identify a sensitive one for you. Because it could be one of these foods is a food ingredient for a product. So read the labels carefully.
These foods, including bananas, beer, wine, red wine, dairy products, such as ice cream, milk, yogurt, cheese, fermentation products, fruits, tamarind, papaya, red plums, pickled fruits, soy sauce, MSG, avocado, chocolate, nuts, peanut butter, onion, saccharin found in diet sodas, and foods that contain yeast, such as bread and donuts.

2. Caffeine
Drinking or eating foods that contain caffeine can trigger migraines. So, avoid or stay away from caffeine. Remember, caffeine can be found in coffee, drink regular soda or diet soda, tea, chocolate, and supplements, particularly supplements to lose weight.

3. Monitor your treatment
All the drugs that dilate blood vessels, such as hydralazine or loniten, it could be migraine triggers. Other drugs that can be a trigger is cimetidine, fenfluramine, indomethacin, nitroglycerine, nifedipine, theophylline, drugs that contain reserpine and estrogen replacement therapy or pills in preventing pregnancy. Talk to your doctor about drugs that you consume can trigger migraines. Doctors may recommend other action that has the same effect without triggering migraine

4. Stress
Pressures, loss of a large, anger, conflict, or depression, can all trigger migraines. Interestingly, daily stress is the cause of migraines. Feeling happy, attending events that alter emotions, such as getting married, moving house, or even a child can reduce the risk of migraine. Learning to have time for yourself and find a healthy way to make peace with stress is a major task in overcoming a migraine attack.

5. Aroma
Migraine can be triggered by a smell or smells, like perfume, cigarette smoke, paint thinner, ammonia, and cooking smells. Bright light or glare, sunlight or the movement of cars and trains can also be migraine triggers. Let your friends and family know that they should not use the stinging smell of perfume while adjacent to you and allow air to flow to the area at dinner in the kitchen. If your house is being renovated, ensure sufficient air into the house before you enter it. Use sunglasses during the day and use a cleanser that does not smell.

6. Enough sleep
Too much sleep or interrupted sleep patterns can trigger a migraine. You can minimize it by prioritizing your sleep. If you recently had a baby, ask other family members to come up in the middle of the night. When traveling, ask your doctor which medications can make you fall asleep. If you travel to a different zone, ask the doctor melatonin. Treat any injury or illness that can reduce or interfere with the hours you sleep. Create susana relax before bed, such as turning off lights, eating warm food, turn off the TV, or a warm bath. Regular exercise can make you sleep soundly at night.

7. Physical factors
Any type of excessive activity, like heavy exercise or move heavy items at home, could be a migraine trigger. In fact, the difficulty bending movement can cause the attack. It's important to change a healthier lifestyle, for example during a routine exercise, add weight training or in stages, do not overdo it. Eat fiber-rich foods and drink plenty.

8. Changes in weather
Seasonal changes and sudden temperature, such as temperature, air pressure, humidity, air quality, or a sudden rain that can cause migraines. High air pressure can trigger headaches. For example, mountain climbers, hikers, and skiers who suffer from migraines may experience it more often in areas with high air pressure. In fact, traveling by air can trigger migraines in some people. Talk to your doctor about how to minimize the effects of weather and air pressure that affect the sensitivity of migraine.

9. Hormonal changes
Migraine that occurs in women approaching normal menstrual cycle is called "menstrual migraine". Could be, migraine associated with menopause, in which estrogen begins to decline permanently.
Pengendalikan birth and pregnancy dapai reduce migraines in some women, but also can improve it. In general, use of oral contraceptives should be based on effects that could trigger a migraine. Oral contraceptives with low doses estrogan not a migraine trigger factors. The risk of stroke in women who suffer from migraines increased since the use of oral contraceptives or high blood pressure, also due to smoking.

10. Do not miss meals
Hunger can trigger migraine attacks, missed meals so not a good idea for people who suffer from migraines. What can we do? Do not miss meals. Be sure to consume calcium or eat foods rich in calcium are also useful for preventing osteoporosis. Take a multivitamin daily that contains magnesium.
Source : flixya

Tips for faster hair length

Every woman has their own idealization of the perfect appearance for him. For example, some women dream of having beautiful long hair. For many women it is perfectly possible, but the process is not always easy. Lengthen hair can not happen overnight and requires consistent effort. 
Here are tips to enhance hair growth faster length:
1. A haircut.
Before you can increase hair growth, you need to get rid of all the damaged hair by cutting your hair.
2. Taking supplements that can help hair growth.
Eat some supplements that can help hair growth, including the B vitamins, especially B6 and amino acids.
3. Cut your hair regularly.
Ends of the hair will generally be easily damaged and may be branched. These conditions will not help improve your hair growth. Trim your hair regularly every 3-4 months, cut the tip of your hair at least 1 cm.
4. Avoid things that can damage the hair.
Hair care using hair chemicals and equipment that use heating, such as curlers and flat irons, can damage the hair so that hinder your efforts to lengthen the hair.
5. Avoid swimming pools.
Swimming pools contain chlorine which can cause damage to the hair and prevent hair perumbuhan you. In addition, a natural salt water or sea water can also cause damage to the hair.
6. Get plenty of protein.
Eating lots of foods that contain protein such as green beans, peanuts, grains, and soy can help boost your hair growth.
7. Treat your hair gently.
Comb the hair gently and carefully, and avoid tying your hair too tight.
source : flixya 

maximize calorie burn sleep

Losing weight requires attention and dedication of those who pursue health. Exercising to spend a lot of sweat made in hopes to burn calories as much as possible.
When age is still relatively young and have enough stamina, you may still be able to do the exercises frequently. But when you reach middle age, sports that rely on physical strength to be very risky, so you start looking for various alternatives to help you burn calories.
One way that might be done is to maximize your body burning calories at rest. Perhaps many do not believe that you can actually burn more calories while sleeping. But this really can happen!
Here are some habits that, if applied in everyday life can help you lose weight while you are soundly asleep:
1. Dinner 3 hours before bedtime
If you have dinner just before bed, then the digestive process becomes incomplete and sistenya be slow. Not only will this make the flab increases, but will also damage the digestive system which causes problems such as constipation and acidity. Early dinner will ensure proper digestion and helps keep the digestive system and metabolic rate are good while you rest.
2. Walking after meals
Walk after you eat dinner with a slow speed or medium. It helps the digestive system function better and keep your metabolism stays high during the hours of sleep. The quality of your sleep is also increased by walking for a while.
3. Exercise of physical force
People who practice weight lifting during the day to burn more fat during exercise sessions, all day, and even at night. Physical strength training helps increase metabolism and burn more calories when the body is resting.
4. Turn off the heating
Body's natural defense mechanism is built so that if you feel cold, then your body will spend more calories to keep warm. Therefore, if you intend to lose weight find the warmth that comes from within the body, not from an outside source such as using space heaters.
5. Drinking green tea or warm lemon water
Both of these beverages contain antioxidants that can protect the body against damage caused by free radicals, causing the body's metabolic rate falls. These drinks may make you feel fresh and energetic throughout the day.
6. Sleep for 7 or 8 hours each night
Enough sleep and the quality is very important. Research has proven that a good night's sleep can improve the welfare of the individual. Those who sleep less have a slow metabolism during the day and tend to gain weight. But, if sleep needs are met, you will have a better metabolism, all day!
7. Relax and meditate before bed
If you include people who likes to sleep with anxiety and tension, it would be bad for your mental and physical condition. To prevent this from happening, learn some meditation or relaxation techniques. Practice before go to bed so you can prevent anxiety and avoid weight gain. Again, good sleep will lead you to good health!
source : flixya 

The best way to avoid diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that attacks silently, but the result can be a disaster. That is why it is important for us to check their blood glucose to rise wary.

Although until now no medicine that can cure diabetes, but actually the disease can be prevented. Health experts have found several risk factors that could cause a person suffering from a disease affecting 8.6 million people in Indonesia.

In the latest and largest study, the experts succeeded in formulating the 5 steps of prevention of diabetes. Making one of the following healthy habits known to reduce the risk of developing diabetes. If you are motivated to make three or four steps as your lifestyle, even the risk is reduced by 80 percent.

1. Maintain ideal body weight
Being overweight is a major risk factor for adult diabetes. It is important for anyone, but to be extraordinary for you who have a history of diabetes mellitus in the family.
"Having a normal weight by itself reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 60 to 70 percent," Jarad said Reis, a researcher from the U.S. Division of Cardiovascular Sciences at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
2. No smoking
In a study conducted on 200,000 people aged 50-71 years who remain healthy, nothing is ever known to be smokers or at least not smoking in the last 10 years.

3. Physically active
Regular aerobic exercise not only helps you control your weight but also make body cells more willing to accept insulin. Advised to exercise at least 5 times a week.

4. Eating correctly
This means you should eat foods that are poor in saturated fats and rich in fiber. Similarly, foods containing sugar and salt. When you have diabetes, sugar in a small amount can make blood sugar levels skyrocket.

5. Avoiding alcohol
Not only diabetes mellitus, the risk for other chronic diseases will also be reduced if you avoid drinking alcohol.
source : flixya

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For the Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is the intake that can be consumed by children to adults including the fetus was still inside his mother's womb.

The following are the benefits of honey:
  1. Fetus: The fetus is still in the womb is not the same in every person, there is strong there is a weak, to help strengthen the fetus in the womb one of them is to eat honey.
  2. Pregnant Woman: Honey helps maintain stamina and infant health during pregnancy, and helping high nutrient intake for the healthy growth of the fetus during pregnancy.
  3. Babies: Helping baby's brain development, because every day the brain continues to develop until the age of 5 years. For that he needed a high nutrition. Growth and brain development is strongly associated with the intelligence of the mind (IQ) and mental intelligence (EQ). It can be seen today a variety of additional food products either milk or formulated infant porridge with honey as Dancow, Frisian Flag, Sustagen, etc. For that why do not we just give to our baby the best, namely honey.
  4. Children: helping to increased appetite (the elements of a complete vitamin B in honey), so that children grow up healthy, lively and carefree and disease resistant.
  5. Teens: Usefulness of honey on baligh puberty teens grow very fast, good nutrition and regular will make the growth of the body to be perfect.
  6. Adults: stress is a condition experienced by many hardworking result of hard work and lack of nutritious food intake, which in turn can cause various diseases such as thypus, strep and other bacterial infections. Honey is the best solution for hard workers.
  7. Seniors: for we are already at the age of information, we realize that our body organs are not as young. So it is very important in helping the stability or the condition of our body is to eat honey

Source : google.com

Monday, July 18, 2011

The benefits of napping

Do you often take a nap or have time to nap in the middle of the density of activities throughout the day? Be thankful, because according to the National Sleep Foundation study the United States, the siesta is beneficial to humans. Nap for 20-30 minutes can help improve mood, alertness and performance. Some famous people who have a habit of napping: the Prophet Muhammad, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Napoleon, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and George W. Bush.

There are several types of naps:
  • Naps planned (also called nap-prepared) in the form of a nap before you really sleepy. You can use this technique when you know that you will be awake longer than your normal bedtime, or as a mechanism to prevent fatigue more quickly.
  • Napping emergency happens when you suddenly feel very tired and can not continue the activity. This type of nap can be used to overcome drowsiness while driving or fatigue while using heavy machinery danberbahaya.
  • Napping is a habit that occurs when someone makes a nap at the same time each day. Young children may sleep at the same time each afternoon or adult short nap after lunch every day.

Tips nap of the U.S. National Sleep Foundation:
  • A short nap (20-30 minutes) is usually recommended for short-term alertness. This type of nap provides significant benefit for improved alertness and performance without making groggy or interfere with nighttime sleep.
  • The situation around you can greatly affect your ability to fall asleep. Make sure that you have a resting place to lie down and that the temperature in the room comfortable. Try to limit the number of voices heard and the level of incoming light. While some studies show that spending time in bed can be beneficial, it would be better still asleep.
  • If you nap too late, it can affect your nighttime sleep patterns and give trouble to sleep at your usual bedtime. If you nap too early, your body may not be ready for sleep.

The benefits of napping by the U.S. National Sleep Foundation:
  • Naps can restore alertness, enhance performance and reduce errors and accidents. A study at NASA to the military pilots and astronauts who are sleepy found that napping for 40 minutes to improve performance by 34% and alertness by 100%.
  • Naps can increase alertness directly at the time after a nap and may extend the alert several hours later in the day.
  • Naps are scheduled also been determined for those who suffer from narcolepsy, a chronic sleep disorder that is marked daytime sleepiness is excessive and can even fall asleep at inappropriate times.
  • Naps can provide a psychological benefit. Napping can be a simple luxury vacations and fun. Naps can be an easy way to relaxation and rejuvenation.

Most people realize that driving while drowsy is extremely dangerous. However, many drivers continue driving when they feel sleepy while risky, putting themselves and others in danger. While a full night sleep before driving is an ideal thing, a short nap before driving can reduce a person's risk of accident due to sleepiness. Experts also recommend a bed if you feel sleepy while driving, you should immediately pulled into a rest area, drinking beverages that contain caffeine and nap for 20 minutes.

Shift work can cause fatigue and impaired performance, especially for night shift workers. In the study in 2006, researchers at the Sleep Medicine and Research Center in cooperation with St. St. John's Mercy Medical Center and St.. Luke's Hospital in suburban St. Louis, MO, look at the effectiveness of naps and caffeine to cope with sleepiness during night shift. They found that both the nap and caffeine both increase alertness and performance among night shift workers and that a combination of nap and caffeine has the most beneficial effect.

James K. Walsh, PhD, a researcher in the study, explained, "Because the body's tendency to sleep at night, terjada and ability to remain productive at night shift can be a challenging thing, even if you have enough sleep during the day." " nap before work combined with consuming caffeine at work is an effective strategy to stay awake in the night shift. "

Negative effects

Although it has many benefits, a nap is not always the best option for everyone. For example, some people who can not sleep anywhere except in their own bed, take a nap at the office or at any place it is not possible for them. Other people who have problems to sleep in the daytime; it can be because certain individuals are more sensitive to daylight than the others - that is, people who feel more sleepy and easier to sleep during the day. Here are some of the negative effects of naps:
  • Naps can cause a person to experience sleep inertia, especially if more than 10-20 minutes. Sleep inertia is defined as a feeling groggy and disorientation caused by the wake from a deep sleep. Although this condition lasted only a few minutes to half an hour, it can be harmful for people who have to move immediately after waking from a nap. A decrease of conditions and post-nap disorientation experienced more severe and lasts longer, the less people sleep or nap for longer periods.
  • Naps can also have negative effects on other sleep time. Nap long or too late can adversely affect the period and quality of sleep at night. If you have trouble sleeping at night, sleeping during the day would only strengthen such difficulties.
  • A research indicates that napping is associated with an increased risk of heart failure in people who are already at risk.
Although research indicates that napping is a useful way to reduce fatigue, there is still a stigma-stigma associated with napping :
-  Napping indicate the nature lazy, lacking ambition, and low standards.
-  Napping is only for children, the sick and the elderly.

Although the statements above one, there are still many people who need to be educated about the benefits of napping.

Current research in the journal Sleep research tested benefits based on length of nap nap and no nap. The results showed that napping for 10 minutes to give the greatest benefit in reducing sleepiness and improve cognitive performance. Nap for 30 minutes or more will allow the cause sleep inertia, which is experiencing a period that sometimes occurs after a groggy sleep.

Currently you may be thinking of ways to incorporate a nap in the schedule of your daily routine. Remember that enough sleep regularly is the best way to stay awake and in the best condition. But when fatigue comes, a short nap can work wonders for your mental and physical stamina. 

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