Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tips for Success to Long Distance Relationships

Anyone would be glad if you can adjacent to the liver and can love meeting up every Saturday night. But what if it turns out lover live in different cities and can not be present at all times.
Do not be sad before ..., especially if it turns out you were among the many couples who have undergone long-distance relationship.

Here are some tips you can try to make your long distance relationship is more durable.
1. Keep in touch
Try to always be catching up with him. In this era of advanced technology such as this, many media that make a long distance is not a constraint, which means, for example with a telephone service long distance / IDD, SMS, or even via Internet chat service.

2. Find busyness
The contents of free time with various activities. Reading books, jogging, or hang out and walk with friends. Besides useful to drive slow, this method was potent enough to dispel the temptation.

3. Refresh fond memories of him
Read the letter or e-mail ever sent or listen to favorite songs together, can help to always refresh your relationship.

4. Send a surprise
Occasionally, give a surprise to the couple by sending his favorite objects. Do not forget to paste your picture in it. This method can make her impressed and keep commitments.

5. Respect commitments
Whatever temptations facing, try to avoid it. Do not attempt to violate the commitments that you make together.
So who say long distance relationships can not be successful?
Importantly, much in the eyes but remain close at heart, right ...

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