Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The difference is less blood with low blood

Anemia and low blood are two terms at a glance seem to have the same sense it is not. Sometimes many are still confused or think less blood and low blood are the same. So this time we will discuss about the lack of blood and low blood.

- Anemia
Less blood is the term of the shortage of red blood cells stau Hb [hemoglobin] is often called anemia. The cause quite a lot, ranging from blood cell disorders, iron deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency may also be due to impaired absorption of nutrients in the intestine. To overcome the lack darahbisa by consuming foods with high iron [kale, spinach] and red meat.
- Low Blood
Termed low blood for low blood pressure or hypotension. Causes of low blood pressure one of them is the declining physical condition, lack of red blood cells and the lack of activity. To cope with low blood pressure can consume red meat, dairy and exercise regularly.

source : flixya


Thanks for the clarification as most of the people get confused between the condition of Anemia and low blood. The tips to overcome these will surely help a lot of people who will read this article.

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