Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Healthy lifestyle every day

Currently for a healthy life is a difficult thing again. Whether it's because of the climate, radiation or a solid job. This leads people to live better longer. Generally for the urban community to live better without pnyakit is a difficult thing again. Although we maintain the health of the sport, but the urban air can be the cause of the disease. Not only that, it turns out that there are snacks on the streets can also be a cause of disease.

-  Avoid bad habits
Unfavorable habits can cause us disease. Such as smoking, alcohol (liquor), drugs, etc.. This can lead to disease easily attack us. Not only that, we also could be affected as others like senile easy, lazy, grumpy, etc.. For that try to avoid habits that dumb.

-  Avoid casual sex
Part of sex is good for people. But it would be honorable and terpujinya if sex is done responsibly and with the blessing of many people. Most sex is trivialized for couples who are used to do it or for people who are easily aroused without a strong faith.

-  Jelly-jelly choose food
Comfort food is not necessarily healthy. Many foods and drinks are dangerous and unhealthy if consumed. Examples include the use of borax and formaldehyde as a preservative of food and drinks that should digonakan to preserve the corpse / corpse / carcass. Buy food and beverages where it can be assured of cleanliness / hygiene of food drink. Be careful and always alert terhada whatever will we put in our mouth because it could have a drink or food that we buy and ready to eat has been mixed with hazardous toxic substances like arsenic, barbiturates, seangga poison, rat poison, pengewet not for food and beverages, and so forth. See also the cleanliness of the place as well as processing and selection of raw materials food / beverage.

-  Maintain cleanliness and regular exercise
Own personal hygiene should be noted and well guarded because it is associated / linked closely with how we look at the general public. Avoid exchanging toiletries, primp, health, personal clothing with other people as possible can transmit dangerous diseases. Get regular exercise can stimulate the heart, breathing and blood circulation becomes better. Get used to exercise every day with a light activity such as walking, gymnastics, fitness, jogging, biking, or exercise full like play badminton, soccer, marathon running, tennis, basketball, and others.

source : flixya


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