Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TIPS: 4 healthy to old tricks

Having a healthy body and skin, and ageless, is not enough just to drink health supplements or beauty products to use. You also need to implement a healthy lifestyle in everyday life.

In addition to the intake of foods rich in nutrients, there are four habits that you must do regularly, if you want to get the body healthy until old age. This is her tips, as quoted from Glamour.

1. Avoid stress
Stress triggers the adrenaline, a hormone that causes the reaction increased heart rate, sweating and shock. Three of this reaction will divert blood flow to the muscles, so far from the skin so the face looks pale. Under conditions of stress are acute, facial muscles will tighten and cause the onset of fine lines. Stress can also weaken the body's immune system, which mengakibatnya body easily hurt and cause the skin more vulnerable to pollutants and extreme weather.
Try to keep the balance of the body. Ranging from food intake to maintain healthy, balanced between work and leisure, and joined the practice of yoga to body and soul healthy and calm.

2. Do not exercise too hard
Regular exercise can increase the body's ability to receive a supply of oxygen and nutrients and remove toxins in the body. The result, the body becomes healthy and beautiful skin looked flushed. But if exercise is done excessively or too hard, will add to stress levels, causing hormonal imbalance and dehydration.
Do exercise fairly, at least three times a week with a balanced workout. Combine several types of exercise such as cardio, weightlifting, yoga or pilates. Combining three or four types of exercise will give you more optimal results for the entire body.

3. Avoid excessive sugar consumption
Eating foods that contain lots of sugar will damage the collagen and neutralizing anti-oxidants in the body. As a result, the skin will look older because of anti-oxidants are no longer able to fight free radicals that damage the skin and body cells. Remember, sugar is not only found in sweet foods such as chocolate or candy. But also on bread or white rice. In order for the health of the body is awake and stay young, consume sugars and complex carbohydrates contained in brown rice, whole grain breads and fruits.

4. Enough sleep
When you're asleep, your body will produce hormones that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Makes the skin look young and healthy, and maintain a healthy body. Lack of sleep will cause eye bags, dark circles under the eyes, skin dull and listless body. Sleep at least seven or eight hours a day.

source : flixya


These 4 healthy to old tips are very much effective and valuable. We usually need these healthy tips to live a healthy life. Thank you mate

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