Wednesday, May 18, 2011

6 Habits No Need For Smooth Skin

Do you realize, facial skin care has been done not one hundred percent to make skin smooth? Although expensive and do in any reputable salon though.

If so, you should make natural facial skin care, and support it in many ways beyond the treatment itself. Call it a daily habit.
Daily habits will take effect on facial skin. Based on research conducted by an expert dermatologist Mary P Lupo, MD of New Orleans, United States, some human habits can affect the facial skin.

These habits should avoid if you want a facial skin remains smooth and silky. Here are some habits that you must avoid:

1. Habits exfoliates
According to Mary P Lupo, MD, a dermatologist from New Orleans, USA, custom skin exfoliates is one habit that should have received attention because many people who do not quite understand and would still consider it trivial.
Exfoliate habit is a human activity that is often done in order to lift the outermost skin layer, or in the epidermal layer. In fact, the habit efoliasi particularly on facial skin is often use grains (Scrubs) of hard material.
You need to know, the grains (scrubs) of hard material that can damage your skin. Currently, not rare beauty product manufacturers choose eksfoliator of objects such as crushed shells, nuts, or seeds.
But unfortunately, until now the grains (scrubs) is sometimes still too rough and still have sharp corners. This angle, which in turn often cause sores on the skin.
Well, from this moment you try to watch scrubs that you use. If they damage your skin with a scrub who should replace small and round.
If your skin is quite sensitive, according to David Bank, MD, a dermatologist from Mt. Kisco, New York, you can use Exfoliate of baking soda. It's easy, simply by mixing baking soda and enough water to become a paste. Then use a scrub.

2. Soak with Warm Water
Feel relaxed, comfortable and fresh while soaking in warm water often makes you lazy to get out of the bathroom. And you do not realize that the actions taken are in fact not good for skin health.
Too long in hot water would make a binding layer or layers of lipids that keep skin cells to remain damp, to be eroded. Although in fact after a few hours later the lipid layer will be formed again, but you need to know that during that process the humidity of the body will be lost in considerable amounts.

Conditions will be even worse, if the water you use to soak containing chlorine. The content of chlorine in water, can make the skin irritated and dry. If certain conditions require that you shower with warm water, try to not more than 10 minutes, in order to maintain skin moisture.

3. Eye check
Eyes examined regularly you should really do, though there was no problem. Normally a minimum of 2 years once you have checked. But in reality, those eyes examined when subjected to certain symptoms in relation to eyesight. And that's when the symptoms leading to severe eye disease up to potential blindness. And many are not aware, little habits in relation to potential blindness.
Small habits in relation to eyesight such as frowning because you feel less obvious, can be bad on your skin. Habits frowns, will cause repetitive muscle movements. As a result cause wrinkles or fine lines while in between the eyebrows and the outside of the eye, and if this habit is often done not infrequently become permanent wrinkles.

4. Organizing Hair
This habit is often done by women in the morning. Well, from now on now should not change these good habits. Why?
Because the unconscious, hair stylist products you use before sleep (eg shampoo) can be attached to the children's hair around the face. As a result, there will be acne around the child's hair and clogged pores due to the products hairdressers.
Instead, if you use hair styling products, whatever it is, at night, grooming in the morning, you're doing before you wash your face. When it was too much trouble, you can use special wipes to clean your face face before using the make-up.

5. Sleep sideways
Not many people know that side sleeping habits will affect the facial skin rejuvenation. When you sleep on his side, gravity can cause fluid to accumulate in the bottom of the eye, causing swelling under the eyes. And if this happens every day, will be eye puffiness.

People who have a habit of sleeping sideways, tend to have wrinkles. Additionally, the lines formed by skin contact with sprai face every day. For this, of course you also have to pay attention to the type of fabric made from silk sprai, because this type rarely sprai clot when used and does not cause wrinkles on the face.

6. Eat Salty Food
In addition to the above habit, some habits are also associated with the intake you need to avoid to keep skin smooth, among others, the habit of eating salty snacks, according to Murad, dermatologist, sodium is certainly contained in this snack can be picked up moisture and make the skin becomes dry .

In addition to dry snacks, one more thing to avoid is alcohol. Just as the sodium contained in salty snacks, alcohol also has the potential to cause skin to become dry.

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