Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Have Smooth Skin Without Acne

Skin is smooth like a baby is everyone's dream. However, it has a skin as smooth as it clearly requires more care. It is impossible only with face wash.

Your skin is the largest part of other body parts. Skin also the first time will be seen because it lies across the surface of the face and body. While the present environmental conditions and the increasingly erratic weather makes the skin as one of the hardest hit.

Pollution is something that often you feel if you live in big cities such as Jakarta. Pollution can occur in the air, on land and in water. Pollution in udaralah the most effect on your skin. Motor vehicle fumes, cigarette smoke, direct sunlight is some "enemy" of the skin that must be avoided.

However, do not worry because now is a lot of beauty products that provide antiaging treatments that are not inferior to treatment dokter.Sebenarnya salon or skin rejuvenation treatment can be started from the age of twenties.

Parts of the face that need extra attention is where it is the expression, such as the forehead, around the lips, as well as around the eyes. Because that's where a lot of lies fine lines that will be seen when we smile, sad or angry. For ages 20 years and over, oily skin, dilated pores, shiny skin, and acne arise.

In addition, a series of treatments for age-twenties is effective to maintain the freshness and balance oily skin. Cosmetic who came on in this series include purifying gel or gel cleanser that is more easily absorbed and overcome the excess oil. Clarifying soap or soap to clear acne.

Balancing the soap facial soap to clean the excess oil and make the moisture is maintained. Purifying Astringent is an effective refresher facial pores of oily skin. Clarifying lotion that is used in the area to prevent acne and acne without irritation.

Hydro gel moisturizer moisturizer that is oil-free gel form, not sticky, and easily absorbed. Nourishing night treatment gel to maintain the balance of the oil gland secretion. Scrub gel to remove dead skin and oil control mask, masks that maintain the balance of oil production in the face.

For skin care aged 30 years and over, Biokos have another type of circuit is more appropriate that a series of Vital Nutrition for normal skin types.

Facial expression lines become more visible in their thirties. Therefore, it requires nutrients to maintain elasticity and cell regeneration.

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