Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Skin Care Tips Before Sleep

Every woman would want to always look beautiful and attractive. To get it, is actually not difficult, just do the proper care and routine. At night is the best time to treat the skin. Because that's when the skin can repair and rebuild cells that have been damaged. The skin was not exposed to direct sunlight, air pollution slightly reduced.

Mental and quiet reflections helped accelerate the improvement of the condition of the body and skin. Rest evening is also able to relax the muscles that are tired nerve stress.

There are several steps you can do to stay beautiful at night, consider the following.

Clear Acne. Clean your face before bed on a regular basis to prevent acne. If the face is blotchy, apply acne medication containing antibacterial and sebum controller on the infected skin. Never squeeze pimples because it will cause skin blisters and skin pores getting bigger.

Irritation. The skin feels hot, flushed and irritated after activity in the daytime? Overcome by using products that contain zinc oxide which can disguise the stain redness or irritation of the skin. The content can also cool the skin.

Bottom of Eye. If the skin under the eyes feel very dry and the color black. To remove it, use special eye creams that rnmengandung element retinal (vitamin A that helps repair and rnmeremajakan skin cells), panthenol, beeswax and soybean oil. In addition, multiply the water consumed and the rest is sufficient.

Rough Elbow. If the elbow feels dry, apply the body butter lotion containing olive oil and jojoba oil before bed. Lotion This oil can also be used on the nape.

Eye lids. There is a phrase that says that the eyes are the windows to the heart and central facial appearance. But sometimes the area around the eyes, especially on the eyelids is very vulnerable to the emergence of wrinkles. To prevent this, choose a special eye cream containing vitamin C because it can stimulate collagen growth which is very useful to avoid wrinkles and premature aging.

Wrinkle Face. Creams containing vitamin A or retinal can help disguise the wrinkles on the face. Both these substances help speed regerenasi and skin rejuvenation. It's just that can cause the skin sensitive to sunlight. Its use is recommended at night. If the wrinkles on the face is very disturbing, you should consult your dermatologist for more intensive treatment.

Rough hands. When the skin of the hands of experienced severe drought conditions, try changing your hand cream with a special cream for the feet. Choose a cream containing avocado oil and urea. The content of this urea is softened and can stimulate the growth of new skin cells. The skin will feel softer hand, despite having used all day to indulge.

Broken leg-break. For those of you who have a broken leg, do a proper treatment immediately. Before bed, soak feet in warm water with a mixture of cream footh gehwol bath containing lavender and spike. his marinade makes the feet feel soft and moist, also clean up the pores. Dry with a towel, then apply a special cream that contains panthenol foot which is a provitamin B5.

Foot calluses. It is considered frivolous, treat it the right way. Soak feet in warm water, which has been mixed with products containing thyme oil soaking. This mixture effectively soften and smooth rough skin and callused feet. Try gehwol foot bath. Then spread your feet with a cream containing lanolin and provitamin D. Lanolin has a high water content which helps soften very dry feet and calluses.

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