Sunday, July 17, 2011

10 Mobile That Will Make You So Attention Center

If I mentioned the HP that makes you the center of attention so I'm not offended or expensive sophisticated mobile phone. No. .. no .. no way ... even most of the phone is quite old school. This is because the phone is made from recycled materials, second hand machines, and unique in his expert hands become dilapidated mobile phone is a beautiful work of art. Now let us consider the mobile phone 10.

10. Romantic mobile
With leaves, vines and design mother of pearl keys, this phone seems perfect for fans of romantic steampunk design. Background of red leather and copper case provides an interesting combination of colors and the coolest is a small silver ornaments for the menu button that looks like a key-wind. This is the first mobile Ivan Mavrovic's steampunk works, created around 2008.
9. Steampunk flip cell phone
Skylanth first gave it a layer of silver paint before tacked on an old watch gears, and finally add some sparkly bits to give a feminine touch. And although it might be a little big on one side with all the clockwork repurposed.
This phone is the only flip model in our list, and its creator, * Skylanth, not quite sure how to categorize his ideas.
8. "Vamp" mobile
"Vamp" other phones work Mavrovic, who became a legend among steampunk. "Vamp" is a stunning mobile phone that looks fancy like half shoe, half-paw - a unique combination.
The combination of color and detail its amazing: Color black, claw-like form of display, a feature-studded ornaments of silver with turquoise stones and a key that looks like pieces of corn, or maybe the teeth.

7. Steampunk iPhone
IPhone casing there is any version of his steampunk, and please note that the old clock attached to it still works!
Do not worry about taking this case because it has been given an additional layer of protection, the artist also polish it with a layer of automotive polymer for added protection.
6. STP mobile
Note the screen is actually made from a watch glass, hp Mavrovic work is also shiny objects as a button to add it. Recycled copper casing, turquoise jewel of the old bracelets and accessories brass flowers at the top right of this phone gives a unique look. When you remove the phone from your pocket, the people near you certainly envy.
5. Steampunk iPhone clutch

You can call it casing could also call it a drawer, because the bottom can indeed be made to save your goods
4. M47 Automatic
One more amazing is the M47 Automatic design, Nokia mobile phones inside the casing is made of leather and small accessoris, repurposed metal gears. Wheels, coils and wire - anything in the toolbox someone seems to have been used to make this phone. Do not miss the screws to lock!. Hooks on top to put the phone on your steampunk clothing or to hang it when not in use.
Again Mavrovic is behind the design of this phone.

3. Retro de Luxe
Again Mavrovic work, this phone is called "Retro de Luxe". This phone is made from parts of old typewriters, obtained from a collector friend Mavrovic's. The button is not printed but the form of handwritten letters, which adds additional charm to the piece, like a black onyx stone is used as a menu button. There is a cover of an old dial clock repurposed, there is also a hook made from a picture frame hook.

2. Ozone battery
"Ozone Battery" Mavrovic other works, Sounds like an alien device. Made from old typewriter, old clock parts, fish eye lens, bolts, and aluminum and steel.

1. SteamPunch phone
Arthur Schmitt from the French designer creates steampunk, his work won the "Most mutated Design." Made of wood and metal parts, a sleek yet simple design, the phone has no keyboard or screen. Uniquely: Before using your phone, the user must activate it by entering the paper punchcard with binary-encoded information.

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These are absolutely stunning mobiles. They look more like an accessory than a mobile. I wonder how they are made and do they work?

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