Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tips to Remove Scar Easily

Have you ever fell, hit the exhaust, or whatever makes you hurt? Well, not when it's just pain, but you definitely feel uncomfortable because the scars are. There are probably wants to look perfect in front of people. Well, how do I eliminate the twelve cuts? Relax, you can do it easily.

To remove the scar for years, you can use bleach. Instead of bleach to make your clothes be white, but a tool that people use cosmetics to make them much brighter face. Well, by adding bleach, you wound becomes visible as regular skin. But, how to eliminate this little need money, because each one of you want to travel you must buy it and wear cosmetics.

In addition, when you just hurt, do not let them cause scars. Avoid consuming soy as it can make it go black. Eat coconut which can make it white. In addition, Geraeldo.com ya got a good recipe. Use only charcoal wonder drug. With charcoal, the scar can be no trace. I've proved it. The trick, puree charcoal, then apply on your wound. For more information you can visit the blog that I have that link. Why? That's because the charcoal absorbs all the substances that function around it. That way, the germs get into your wound to be absorbed and will not cause scars.

Eliminating it is easy is not it? However, there is one other way that you can use. Some say that the tea bags that you take can remove the scars. But sources said the following, do not have mixed the sugar. Well, it's topical tea bag into your skin. Then, scrub-brush and do it regularly until the mark disappears. Well, you choose which way is up. It all works really. Appearances can you also go back to normal and can exist again. Those who have tried the above, do not forget to comment ya back here. Prove dong how to remove the scar is false or even misleading.


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