Sunday, July 17, 2011

Singing is good for health

My mother liked to sing. Cooking, sewing, sweeping, all lived singing. Minimal hum. As a result, I also love to sing contaminated. Later, after great, I joined the choir and fun to make vocal group who frequent gigs on college campuses.

Now, after working so mom cum lovers, I am still singing activities continue with a special purpose: to please. Precisely relieve stress, aggravation and things like.

It turns out that my habit of living is good for health! According to Drs. Mehmet C. Oz, singing turned out to have many health benefits. Here it is:

  1. Lowering blood pressure. When we sing, the emotions subside and the push blood pressure to normal position.
  2. Increase the hormone oxytocin which encourages a sense of 'love' increases.
  3. Makes us breathe more easily, avoid shortness of breath.
  4. Calm the mind and body, so that we become more relaxed.
  5. Assist the process of recovery of stroke patients.

Talk will be difficult
performed stroke patients. But the muttering and singing will help restore the muscles of speech.

Well, so let us begin to sing. What song? Anything, which is important to make the heart merry, excited or just feel more calm.

What about sound quality? Ah, it's not important. As long as you sing, it was good. Easy right? Let us sing, Mom! Encourage the child and husband as well. There must be benefits that feels later.

source : google


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