Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For the Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is the intake that can be consumed by children to adults including the fetus was still inside his mother's womb.

The following are the benefits of honey:
  1. Fetus: The fetus is still in the womb is not the same in every person, there is strong there is a weak, to help strengthen the fetus in the womb one of them is to eat honey.
  2. Pregnant Woman: Honey helps maintain stamina and infant health during pregnancy, and helping high nutrient intake for the healthy growth of the fetus during pregnancy.
  3. Babies: Helping baby's brain development, because every day the brain continues to develop until the age of 5 years. For that he needed a high nutrition. Growth and brain development is strongly associated with the intelligence of the mind (IQ) and mental intelligence (EQ). It can be seen today a variety of additional food products either milk or formulated infant porridge with honey as Dancow, Frisian Flag, Sustagen, etc. For that why do not we just give to our baby the best, namely honey.
  4. Children: helping to increased appetite (the elements of a complete vitamin B in honey), so that children grow up healthy, lively and carefree and disease resistant.
  5. Teens: Usefulness of honey on baligh puberty teens grow very fast, good nutrition and regular will make the growth of the body to be perfect.
  6. Adults: stress is a condition experienced by many hardworking result of hard work and lack of nutritious food intake, which in turn can cause various diseases such as thypus, strep and other bacterial infections. Honey is the best solution for hard workers.
  7. Seniors: for we are already at the age of information, we realize that our body organs are not as young. So it is very important in helping the stability or the condition of our body is to eat honey

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